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How can the West of Scotland KTP Centre help me?

We’ll work with you to identify an academic team with the right knowledge and skills to assist your organisation.

We’re here to help guide and assist you in defining a project that will enable you to draw on that expertise.

Once your funding is approved we’ll help you recruit your Associate and be beside you every step of the way to make sure your KTP is as successful as possible.

Our KTP outcomes will be transformational in how Soapworks approaches the development and manufacture of our products. Working with Glasgow University has brought new thinking and understanding to what we do...... We have very good collaboration within the KTP Project team, everyone is keen to make progress and tackle problems as they arise. Soapworks has had additional expert support from several departments within the University of Glasgow and also from contacts that the Academic supervisors have suggested. We have open and realistic conversations to overcome obstacles and continue to make progress which is very important for the success of the project. We see the benefits of collaboration with experts in their fields that we would not ordinarily have access to, providing the scientific support through a dedicated Associate. Through this project we will build and embed our knowledge via clear process definitions and protocols. Ultimately, the success of this KTP will allow us to meet our strategic aims to become leaders in the synthetic bar market.

Kate Beaumont and Claire Smart (L-R)
HR Director and Quality Manager respectively, Soapworks Ltd

Kate Beaumont and Claire Smart - Soapworks

Businesses involved in Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) talk about their experience of using the programme to support collaborative work with universities.