Creating Impact through Innovation

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships is Europe’s leading programme helping business to improve their competitiveness and productivity through the better use of knowledge, technology and skills that reside within the UK knowledge base. KTP is funded by Innovate UK with 12 other funding organisations.

With 94% of completed projects achieving or exceeding expectations between 2011 and 2016 and an £8 return for every £1 public money invested it is perhaps not surprising that the programme has enjoyed over 40-years of  history in the UK and has funded in excess of 10,000 projects in that time. 

New Projects

AB Vista

AB Vista, the agricultural division of Associated British Foods is a pioneer in product development for the animal feed industry.  They are undertaking a KTP project with the Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences at the University of Strathclyde.  The KTP project will focus on developing ways to abolish antibiotic consumption in animal feeds by developing novel nano-delivery systems incorporating bioactive lipids and peptides.  The aim is to support effective antimicrobial stewardship to reduce antibiotic resistance in the food chain without compromising animal welfare.

arbnco Limited (KTP11060)

arbnco Ltd are a Glasgow company providing cloud-based software for the energy performance management of commercial property portfolios.  They provide solutions for reducing energy consumption and improving energy performance of buildings.  The company are undertaking their second KTP project with the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of Strathclyde to automate measurements and collate near real-time building performance date via an IoT platform.  This data will be used to develop and commercialise e-services for deployment in buildings to enhance the services currently offered for large estate facilities management.

Bird.i Ltd

Bird.i Ltd curate earth observation imagery acquired from satellites, drones and airborne imaging assets.  They process and utilise this imagery to provide insights via an imaging services which provides on-line access to up to date quality images for virtually any location on earth.  This provides users with visualisation solutions to inspect, monitor and risk-assess their physical assets.  Bird.i are undertaking a KTP project with the University of Strathclyde, Department of Computer and Information Sciences.  The project aims to apply novel technologies, including unsupervised machine learning and similarity search, to enable the extraction of features and enhanced detection of changes detectable with earth observation imagery.

Brightwake Ltd

Brightwake Ltd are leading experts in designing and manufacturing products and dressings for wound care.  They are undertaking a KTP in collaboration with the University of Strathclyde’s Department of Biomedical Engineering to develop a new generation of Vacuum Therapy device.  The device will incorporate the pumping system and associated electronics into Brightwake’s existing would dressing technology.  The result of this it to make Vacuum Therapy widely available in the community to support the rapidly growing number of patients with long term non-healing wounds.

Buddi Ltd

Buddi Ltd supply a service combining wearable electronic monitoring equipment with web-based users interfaces that enable a third party to monitor the position and status of an individual.  They will be working with the Faculty of Science at the University of Strathclyde on a 36 month KTP project to develop durable, sensitive, low cost wearable sensors for remote monitoring of individuals at risk.

Loretto Care

Loretto Care, part of the Wheatley Group, provide care and support services to people across western and central Scotland who are experiencing complex issues in their day to day lives.  Their support services are designed to help vulnerable people to live fulfilled lives either within their own homes, care homes or in various types of supported accommodation.  Loretto Care are undertaking a KTP with the School of Simulation and Visualisation at Glasgow School of Art to develop a unique, innovative interactive application for use as an educational tool to prepare young people and vulnerable people living in social housing to become sustainable housing tenants.


MODO Systems Ltd

MODO Systems Ltd, based in Glasgow, have developed a cloud based software platform which enables users to organise their digital files and attachments.  Their current services is focussed on gathering up digital files across different platforms (online accounts, fire-store clouds, e.mail) and different devices such as PC, tablet or phone.  They are undertaking a KTP project with the School of Engineering and Computing at the University of the West of Scotland to embed machine learning expertise into the company and develop their next generation digital content management platform.

Stream Technologies Ltd

Stream Technologies Ltd design and develop end to end wireless connectivity for M2M (machine to machine) devices.  This Glasgow based company will be undertaking a 2nd KTP project with the Glasgow Caledonian University’s Department of Engineering and Built Environment to develop new methods of real-time security monitoring of the internet of things (IoT).  This will be undertaken using Deep Learning and Random Neural Networks (RNN) to address security and privacy of data, a prime concerns in today’s IoT.

The ISO Organisation Limited

ISO is a digital media and software studio specialising in the design, direction and building of large-scale interactive and immersive media projects. Clients include Museums, Galleries and Brand Experience Centres across the UK and internationally. ISO also create award winning motion graphics and animated content for television and commercial clients and create ambitious online digital projects that are experienced across web, social and mobile.  ISO delivered the graphics and visual effects for the XX Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony to an audience of 1.5 Billion, were the original designers of the interface for the BBC iPlayer and are winners of multiple Royal Television Society Awards and the SXSW interactive award for Art. They are working with the School of Media, Culture & Society to embed advanced visualisation knowledge and expertise (both augmented reality and virtual reality) in support of emerging global business opportunities.